Frequently Asked Questions

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    What’s the differences between X-T2 and XPRO2?
    Has the same sensor and processor, but different in term of design and additional features. X-Pro2 design uses rangefinder style while X-T2 using analog SLR-inspired FUJICA ST style. Additional features that embedded in X-T2 and not embedded in the X-Pro2 are:
    • A video recorder features, a video recorder that capable up to 4K while in X-Pro2 is still limited to Full HD 1080.
    • Performance Boost features that using Power Vertical Grip which will increase the 4K recording time, increase sensitivity Auto Focus lock function, and speed up the overall process of the camera.
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    What are the excellences of X-T2 features?
    The excellences of X-T2 are:
    • Using sensors without a low-pass filter, known as Anti-Aliasing Filter to enhance the image quality resolution of up to equal the larger sensor size camera.
    • Using the built-in Hybird Auto Focus and Phase Detection large field, with the goal of accelerating the focus lock both the bright and low light conditions.
    • With the ability Weather Resistant on the camera body, combined with Fujinon XF lenses capable Weather Resistant (WR), the X-T2 can be used at any time either cold, or dusty heat.
    • Using the Vertical Power Boost and Boost Performance in the switch, it will be obtained:
      • Auto Focus Lock from 0,08s to 0,06s
      • EVF Refresh Rate from 60fps to 100 fps
      • Shooting Interval from 0,19s to 0,17s
      • Shutter Time Lag from 0,05 to 0,45s
      • The Blackout Time (EVF time into a dark moment in the shooting) from 130 ms to 114 ms.
      • High Speed Continuous obtain images of 8 frames per second (fps) to 11 fps.
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    Where is the production and manufacture of X-T2?
    X-T2 is made in Japan manufacturer
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    How long is the duration of the 4K video recording?
    4K recording can record up to 10 minutes in normal conditions, and can extend up to 30 minutes by using the Vertical Power Boost VPB-XT2
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    What is the difference X-T2 with the X-T1?
    • X-T2 using a sensor 24 Megapixel APSC-C X-Trans CMOS III, while the X-T1 uses 16 Megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor
    • X-T2 LCD can be folded either vertical or horizontal, while the X-T1 can only be folded horizontally.
    • X-T2 using the joystick as navigation directions focal point, while the X-T1 using the D-Pad for navigation directions.
    • X-T2 is capable for 4K video recording, while the X-T1 is only capable of recording up to Full HD 1080.
    • X-T2 using dual SD-Card slot while the X-T1 only 1 slot.
    • Refresh rate EVF X-T2 is 100 fps when in Boost Performance mode, while the X-T1 is 85 fps.
    • X-T2 has VPB-XT2 can accommodate 3 battery including in-camera battery, X-T1 can accommodate 2 battery with VG-XT1 including in-camera battery
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    What was the shot which is owned by X-T2 battery?
    Battery NP-W126S has 340 frames (Normal Mode) and can extended up to 1.000 frames with VPB-XT2.